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Chronic Disease Clinics


Annual Birthday Check

Have you been diagnosed with….?

High Blood Pressure                    Mental Health Problems

Diabetes                                          Stroke/TIA

Kidney Disease                              COPD

Heart Disease                                Dementia

Vascular Disease                           Thyroid Disease

We will offer you a review of your condition(s) and medications, normally during the month of your birthday.  These will mostly be nurse-led.

You may have to have a urine test/blood test with the healthcare assistant prior to your review.

Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease

These nurse led clinics are held by appointment. We aim to provide regular assessment, advice and education  for patients with a diagnosis of asthma, particularly children and patients whose symptoms are not well controlled.  We also regularly review patients with chronic obstructive airways disease (previously known as chronic bronchitis or emphysema).   The clinics help patients to understand their illness, achieve good symptom control and thus improve their quality of life.

Cardiovascular Disease

Practice nurses run the Cardiovascular Disease clinic under the guidance of the GPs.  This clinic is for people who suffer from angina, heart disease, stroke etc.  Patients are referred by their doctor and are seen for annual review at nurse led clinics, and other reviews as deemed necessary.

Alongside clinic reviews blood-pressure (BP) monitoring is now highly recommended in clinical guidelines, and is increasingly popular with patients and health professionals alike. It is generally accepted that we are more likely to obtain an accurate reading in the comfort of our own home as opposed to in a clinical setting where most people are slightly tense.  BP monitors are available to buy in chemist shops/departments as well as online, and cost around £20.  People generally find that monitoring their own BP regularly is a useful way of tracking their health.

A blood pressure monitoring form can be downloaded here:

Home BP Readings


Dr Clare Green and Dr David Rathband have a special interest in diabetic care and run the Diabetic Clinic alongside our Practice Nurses. Regular check-ups and advice are essential for good diabetic control and to reduce complications.

Mental Health


INR Clinic

The Practice Nursing Team hold clinics for INR (Warfarin).   Patients are given their results immediately, plus details of their dosage and their next appointment.


New Patient Health Screening

All patients registering with the Health Centre are invited to attend a health screening appointment with the practice nurse.